Reporting by area

First, you'll need to define the area you're interested in Community Insight. You can do this by creating a stock group (for more information on how this is done, please see this article:

If a stock group already exists for the area you're interested in, it's worth checking it it has been defined in the same way that you would like to report. You won't be able to edit the area once you've started reporting on your social value.

Next, set up the project or projects you want are interested in exploring in the area of interest in Value Insight.

When you upload data to these projects, be sure to include the full postcode of each beneficiary. If you cannot get the full postcode, assign an appropriate 'proxy' postcode - for example: the project delivery location.

To see how social value has been generated in your area of interest, select My Results> Matrix and find your area in the list of stock groups. You can view specific programs by selecting 'See Breakdown'.


You can also view your social value on a map by selecting My Results> Maps.

To generate a report for that area, select My Results> Reports. Then click 'Request New Report'. When the pop-up appears, select 'Area profile report' then using the drop down box, select the stock group that represents the area of interest.

Once 'Request Report' is clicked, the report should start to generate. Once generated, you can download it from the Reports page.







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