Comparison groups

The only way to gain a true picture of the impact of your intervention is to compare the outcomes of the program participants with those of a similar group who did not participate. This is because taking the increase in the outcomes of your intervention’s participants to be the program’s impact assumes that their outcomes would not have improved at all in the absence of that program over the same period of time, which is questionable.

Therefore, constructing a comparison (control) group consisting of very similar people to those who participated in your intervention can allow you to estimate how your program participants would have fared over the same period of time without the program, with your true program impact coming from the difference in outcomes of the two groups.

HACT are able to provide support in conducting primary data collection to explore the effect of all the outcomes in the Social Value Bank (including one day events) using high-quality control groups. Please get in touch if you would like to do so.


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