Outcomes without values

We have values to cover the main areas of community investment, but there are gaps where there is not yet an associated value; for instance, opening a bank account or work experience. These outputs may ultimately lead to outcomes that do have an available value (e.g. financial comfort and moving into employment, respectively) and the surveys may reveal as much over the year.

You should not disregard results of activities simply because there is not an associated value in the bank. If you have results that do not have a value, such as number of people opening a bank account, we suggest you report these outputs alongside your social impact results. These should typically be reported as headcounts; you should not normally place monetary values on them using proxies derived with incompatible methods.

All values will be kept under review and we will consider whether values should be amended or updated in future iterations of the model.


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    David King

    We plan to add values and expand the Social Value Bank in due course. If you are interested in exploring the creation of additional values that reflect your needs in greater detail, please contact

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